Dust Free Hardwood Refinishing

We have just acquired the "STATE OF THE ART" Wood Floor Refinishing System to enable ourselves to service all of your wood refinishing needs. Listed below are just a few of the reasons we are so excited about our newest addition:

*First, it's completely dust free. The dust containment system on our customized trailer is the most powerful in the industry, to assure you of a clean house both during and after the process.

*Almost equally important are the products that we use. There are the finest waterborne Swedish stain and finishes available, eliminating VOC's and other toxins in your home. The drying times are faster too, so that you don't have to move out of your house just to get your floors done. And these finishes won't yellow like the standard polyurethanes, so your floor's color will always stay true and clear.

* Our staff members are certified and knowledgeable about the newest technologies, equipment, and floor care systems.

*We offer warranties for up to 20 years against dulling! I couldn't find anything comparable in the industry.

Lee Fisher

President - Fishers Carpet One Floor & Home